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About your Workshop Leader/Coach:

Shelly Mazer

During the 80's and 90's, while directing and performing at several improv theaters, Shelly began teaching her popular workshop called "Thinking on your Feet." She trained business people to develop a greater variety of skills for public speaking, work presentations, and job interviews. She worked with trial lawyers, executives of ARCO in LA, Santa Barbara and Philadelphia, public officials for the City of Paramount, and political candidates in LA and San Diego.

After taking off a few years to raise her children, Shelly has returned to leading workshops and private training sessions. With the changing economic times, the emphasis has moved from getting a job, to getting the right job. Building a career doesn't have to start from the bottom, now people can come into a career from another direction. We have moved from the information age to a global market, bringing new challenges to the workplace, as well as new opportunities. Shelly can help you navigate through these opportunities to create the career that brings you happiness and success.

Training Options: Check out our Group Workshops and individualized Private Sessions.

If you want to improve your Public Speaking skills, we'll give you the tools you need for success!

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