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How to Ask for a Raise

Get Your Supervisor to Listen

The first step in asking for a raise is figuring out how and when to have this conversation your supervisor. While you might want to wait for an opportunity to present itself, you need to be completely prepared when it does. And if it doesn't come up, you need to find a way to broach the subject.

Learn the Important Things to Say

Once you get the opportunity, use it to your full advantage. Offer your compelling reasons, and be prepared for some resistance. Consider having 2 or 3 possible outcomes that would be acceptable.

Find out How to Follow-Up

It's important to thank the person for taking the time to hear you out. If you got the raise, reaffirm your commitment to live up to those expectations. If you did not get the raise you requested, it's not over yet. It might be appropriate to ask what you could do to merit that increase. Ask your supervisor when he or she would be willing to revisit that conversation. Some people just need time to get used to ideas that are not theirs, and are more likely to honor a commitment to a time frame of their own choosing.

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