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Learn How to Lay-Off or Fire Someone

Protect Yourself and the Company

Certainly firing an employee with an attitude problem would be cause for concern, but even nice people sometimes make foolish choices when they feel threatened. Make a plan in advance to reduce temptation and avoid being blind-sided.

Learn the 3 Key Things to Say

No sense in prolonging the difficult meeting, make certain you get straight to the point and address all the key issues.

Get Tips on Taking the High Road

Of course resist any urge to say anything unpleasant, even if the other person does. And even if this is terribly uncomfortable for you, do not say, "This is as difficult for me as it is for you." An hour from now, their life will be completely changed while yours will go on much the same. Find a better way to show compassion, even if it's just as simple as saying, "I'm really sorry."

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