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Making a Speech or a Toast

How to Structure a Great Speech

Whether this is a long emotional speech, or a short toast, you still want it to have a beginning, a middle, and a strong ending.

How to do a Speech Right

When making a speech for a special occasion, you want it to have the right emotional impact. Do you want the audience members to feel inspired, or connected? Do you want them to cry, or laugh? Or both? Learn techniques to help you touch the audience that way.

How to Prepare for the Speech

If you want a speech to go well, you need to prepare more than just the right words. In order to feel comfortable, you need to consider how you appear to the audience, you need to prepare physically and emotionally, and you need to practice your vocal level and your timing.

If you want to improve your Public Speaking skills, we'll give you the tools you need for success!
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